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Thank you for visiting our website, you will discover we are a wonderful family of faith. On this website you may follow our church family and the movements of its ministries, missions, history, programs and people. Our church is located in the heart of the quaint little town of Bowling Green, in the beautiful state of Virginia, ; We are building upon a rich heritage whereas our Church was established in 1866. We desire is to continue honoring the mighty name of Christ in our church and community:
  Where building unity and ministering to the world belong together…
-   Where we worship together, study the Scriptures, pray together and get involved in hands-on missions…
-   Where spiritual growth and fellowship for children and youth go hand in hand…
-   Where change is always possible because no matter who you are, or where you've been
- and no matter what you've done, there's always one more second chance to come back home to Christ, Our practical applications of the Bible gives all hearers a chance to really know the Lord.
-   Where we know that real people make mistakes and are forgiven by a real God, as we allow the power of the Holy Spirit to give us a mind like Christ.

Church at Worship

Please stroll through our many information areas located on this site or you may use any of the links to other sites as you discover a wonderful family of faith, the Shiloh Baptist Church. And please do not forget to read over the many membership teaching tools for all Christians.


Worship Schedule 1st thru 4th Sundays

Church School - 10:00AM

Morning Worship- 11:00AM


127 S. Main Street – P. O. Box 177 – Bowling Green, VA 22427

 (804) 633-9450